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Restarting and interrupting my work every time I go to or from school, or another office, is not a realistic option - it would interrupt my work too much.With all such utilities, whilst they are usually used with the PCs in Normal Mode, occasionally I run them in Safe Mode, as with AVG, say about once per months.They are also networked, so that I can easily access Downloaded Utilities of that nature, which are generally stored on the Tower.

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I generally hibernate instead of shutting down completely every time.

Sony acting very very very slow. so the question is,. he does have really anything loading other than windows and norton so not much to turn off with msconfig.

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After several highly unsatisfactory extended sessions with the tech (non)support people the conclusion was the software was corrupting its settings that it had adjusted according to waht it learned from its teach mode.

Product Reviews, Recommendations and Affiliate Links Disclosure.I hope I am not doing something I should not do but my computer is at least running when I get back to it.

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That one would not allow a scan to be paused and used up so much of the resources doing anything while a scan was running was impossible.

Their advice was when I saw the PC slowdown starting to reinstall the software and reenter teach mode.I am not ready to release a verdict until I have seen it happen more than just the 70-80 times that I have already witnessed it.If you have a question, start by using the search box up at the.Advertisements do not imply my endorsement of any product or service.

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Knowing the only thing I had done was change Internet security suites I uninstalled the program I had just bought.

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My web browser takes a long time to start. Download and run the Norton Power Eraser.The indexer is turned off (due to a rather limited size SSD).

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The two problems that I found, using process explore, were Norton updating its definitions and scanning and, more importantly, Windows automatic update which really ground things to halt.It is amazing (and disturbing) that one will find hundreds of errors and another may find seventeen while another finds none.

You mention both Norton Security and Norton Internet Security.If you leave your computer on 24-hours a day, chances are that the scans will.

I suspect that the Quick Defrags deal with the worst cases, gettiing the HDD to a state where the Full Defrag has an easier time finishing off the job.By default, periodic scans typically happen once a day - the question is.