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So far a total of 6 Bell techs have visited my home trying to get stable service.But that should be no surprise to anyone who has dealt with them for any length of time.

After waiting for not less than 30 min on the phone someone picks up but solves nothing.Re: Amazing Service Indeed, the original reviewer should update his scores if he feels that things have been rectified.However, I received a call later that week from a rep, who explained to me that the infrastructure I am on would not allow me to get faster internet.The reason being that my service had been out for three weeks, and I was told my credit card would not be charged for an additional three weeks to make up for the three weeks.It is mind numbing to hear that blurb every 30 seconds for the full duration of your 30 to 45 minute wait time for an agent.

Thank you for your feedback and support, I have passed your suggestion on for review.

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We always to have our customers backs as well, but sometimes knowledge is not always readily available to others.The services and prices are exactly as advertised and there were no surprises.

Set up over the phone was very easy thanks to the friendly lady who knew her job very well.Recently, I had an issue with the server that was beyond my ability to deal with - Shawn, from hosting admin, not only fixed the issue, but upgraded my cpanel and got rid of a ton of garbage logs that were no longer needed, clearing up a couple of gigs of space.Since the service is pre-paid, you still had the same amount charged to you from previous months instead of the new price.Both the times the service was unacceptable for a long time, until I decided to report in.

We were disappointed by the long wait but since we had already paid the activation fee and first month deposit we figured we had no other choice.I signed up for the service, was charged for the setup fee and the first month, and was told that someone would come and connect me.After the cable guy came to hook me up it took me four hours and four tech guys to finally get online.We are working at improving our internal processes to better serve our customers.Feel free to reach out to us in the future if you ever have any questions or concerns about your services.Issues are never resolved and I have wasted an outrageous amount of time and money on something relatively minor.Please provide your account information and details of what happened so we can investigate.That should have been clearly stated at the time you signed up.

A technician from your technical assistance department sent me an email last night, right after I had sent an email to you from your website.I had suggested Facebook message or Twitter DM, so as to not ask you to post any personal info here (in a public forum).But the service issues raised above are directly within the control of TekSavvy, some of which ongoing for years based on customer feedback.Should you ever return to Canada, feel free to reach out to us.I tweet their support and they tell me the will have someone call me back and even ask me for my preferred time.

Teksavvy called me Friday pm to identify that Bell had no record of DSL on my line, but my phone was still active (also with teksavvy).But the vast majority of us who are happy with service from any company tend never to mention it in public.Short outages have not been uncommon so we waited until the 27th to contact the company.

I wrote to them via Twitter and asked what to do with the modem.Cancellation date - 13th Nov 2014 - service end date agreed with TSI on cancellation call - 28th Nov - when I asked about pro-rated charges till that day, TSI informed that since I pay as a pre-paid customer, they cannot reverse the charge based on pro-rated and have to pay up the full price till the end of the cycle.After about a week of noticing that Netflix and other internet activities were running extremely slow (if at all), I did a speed test and saw that I was only getting 10mbps.They then required a technician to come who showed up a week later.The Tek Talk and DSL service were ordered at the same time on the same phone call.They grew quite a bit in the last few years, too fast for their own good and it shows.I got my installation done on April 4th 2014 and internet disconnects on April 8th 2014.

The first, I had no idea had even been there, as he did not need access to my apartment, the second showed up around 5pm.We are having connection issues in some areas currently, however we should never assume you are part of any issue without completing troubleshooting first.Hi, you are correct there are some delays caused by the incumbents.Last month I asked to upgrade my service - same price, higher speed.After waiting a week, I am waiting for a technician for my service to be moved.Submitted a website ticket earlier this week with no response, and spent 57 minutes on hold yesterday to reach a live person just to be told I would be contacted later with more information if my request could be accommodated.Ported telephone number from Bell to Tektalk, 30 days per standard porting policy was fine, but porting day it fell apart.I use wifi provided by teksavvy router (SmartRG SR505N Wireless).Was on DSL with Execulink (formally Golden.net) problem free for 10 years, but needed higher speed, so I ordered TekSavvy.