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You can see that both the global and regional servers in Australia have improved their relative performance in their fastest response times which have dropped from 145ms to 45ms - that is impressive.By default, a computer will use the default DNS server of the network it is connected to, which will be provided by the service provider or ISP.DNS Benchmark and namebench use processes and tests that are similar enough that I can discuss them together in this overview.A regional DNS server list that is supplied with the program.In this old example below my primary DNS server had an unacceptably slow response for major global websites (DotComs).This is more important than the fastest response time because the best and worst are less than 1 second apart whereas the best and worst at completing queries will differ by 2.5 seconds or whatever the timeout is set to.It is no surprise that other users with similar preferences (language, culture, interests, etc) to you will be looking at the same websites and webpages.This article describes best practices for the configuration of Domain Name System (DNS) client settings in Windows 2000 Server and in Windows Server 2003.

It always explains what is happening and the website provides much more detail on every aspect of its operation.

The standard-setter for public DNS, Google is one of the fastest too.This graph shows how the global providers though slower at the start can catch by the time all queries are completed.In the screenshot below, I have only shown the start of the first of seven conclusions.Doing this costs nothing and the benefits in terms of improved performance and security can be significant but few bother.Choosing the best dns servers based on your location is really important.

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Number of queries defaults to 250 web sites for each of the DNS servers.Host your domain in Azure for outstanding performance and availability. A domain is a unique name in the domain name system,.

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The faster New Zealand DNS servers are grouped before the fastest Australian DNS servers which have are actually global servers like Open DNS and Google Public DNS.

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To introduce some redundancy (alternative sources) your best performance is likely to be from from a mixture of DNS servers that are close to your location and a global network that has a large cache.While it is creating the list, which takes about 35 minutes, you can see the total number of servers including the following.This indicates that IP addresses reserved for private networks are being blocked.It can also be used across most major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.Android allows users to do this for Wi-Fi, but it will only remember the setting for that network, for example when a user is at home or work.Another problem is that DNS name servers can become congested due to heavy use at peak times or malicious DDoS attacks causing problems behind the scenes.

But there are sufficient of the main global servers to provide some good options.Dynamic DNS (DDNS or DynDNS) is a method of automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System (DNS), often in real time,.While they using similar tests their results can be quite different and as you will see in the example tests namebench results are generally less reliable.This network distance is roughly the same as geographical distance.Both programs are portable (run without installation), use similar tests, and provide results that are roughly comparable.

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On Windows 10, navigate to the Control or Settings panel to the Ether or Wireless properties box and click on IPv4 properties.My current configuration is correctly indicated and DNS Benchmark simply suggests that I swap my two ISP DNS servers.Time for IPv6 is upon us says Infoblox as it offers migration tool.

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The servers can be added or removed individually or in three groups.So if you have your own list of DNS servers that you want to test then now might be the time to use them.I created both lists from those tested in namebench so that I can compare the results of the two programs.

DNS Benchmark has two configuration lists which do not exist when you first run DNS Benchmark.Last year, DynDNS shut down its free plans and left a big hole in its place.

It also previews the servers that will be tested before you run the actual benchmark.The results illustrate that the primary driver for DNS query time is the delay (latency) due to the distance between systems on the Internet.You could argue that this is true of all DNS systems, including those from the ISPs that most people use quite happily.This might remove DNS servers that you want to avoid but it will also remove OpenDNS and other filtering DNS servers.