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When it comes to creating a US iTunes store account in Canada, it does require more effort than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions. iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage, the Apple Online Store,.I attempted to do as you described, however they only ask for the address info when you reach the credit card info page. when i put a friends address in the USA it says that it does not match my cc info.Want to start downloading free apps and music from iTunes and the App Store.

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You need one to make purchases in the iTunes and App Stores.Access and Download iOS Apps from the US App Store Outside of the USA. Any valid US address.So to be able to get content from both stores on to your phone you need to make sure that the phone is authorized on both accounts.My account now showed no credit card, but my US billing address was still there. 6) Went to the Kindle area and bought books using the normal 1-Click button.I would love to be able to access US tv shows available on iTunes.com.I am guessing this will be the solution to be able to call and receive calls from my phone.Well, for starters you gain access to a vast library of TV shows, movies, and music that is not available in iTunes in Canada.

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I have been trying for months to log into my iTunes account on my.Find your answers quickly by searching helpful guides, FAQ, videos, and news.Also to set up an account for any country all you need to do is go to the appstore and get a free app.The Vanilla web site let me register a US zip code for it, even though I believe it is denominated in CAD.The thing that I like about the gift cards is you know your balance immediately.The problem for non-US iTunes users is that the billing address.Update, May 21, 2011: This method still works, but you need to ensure the ZIP code registered to your Vanilla MasterCard matches the ZIP code in your iTunes account.

A US account lets you download US-only apps like pandora, google currents, and more.I just tried the gift certificate trick for setting up 1-Click Kindle purchases, and it works.If you need to refill your account in the future, just buy another Vanilla MasterCard gift card, login to your iTunes account info, and change the payment info with the new card details.I have tried entering the code both through my iPad and iTunes.

How to set up a US iTunes account from another country. register for a US iTunes account without using a credit card.TO REACH US click here to get our interactive map Click Here: Welcome to U.S. Address. We provide a physical address where you can.

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Also, this method should work for people living in other countries trying to get access to a US iTunes account.

Then when the payment options come up just select none and go from there.I make sure to log in and out everytime i sync. (though the apps from both remain in the applications).

Use this form for assistance with account and billing, code redemption,. library management, syncing and other topics, contact Apple Support.Edit Article wiki How to Switch Countries in iTunes or the App Store.To get help with other iTunes questions, visit the iTunes Support page.

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"Please contact iTunes support to complete this

How to Setup an US iTunes Account in Canada: Buy MasterCard Gift Cards from Shoppers Drug Mart.This happened to me to, so I called vanilla MasterCard to find out why.

I read all the posts about making sure you were logged into the US account and plugged into the ipad.Anyone been able to find these in Winnipeg-or am I the only one living in this God Forsaken city:).Marie Ontario, and I go across the bridge almost weekly to Sault Ste.IMPORTANT: There is a chance our response to you will be discarded by your spam filter.Creating a US iTunes Account from Canada (Works for Other Countries. created a US iTunes. a US iTunes Account from Canada (Works for Other.

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Use this form for assistance with account and billing, code redemption, or purchase questions.

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Everything You Need to Know about Using iTunes and the iTunes Store. Email Address Sign Up.

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I want to make sure that the gift certificate I send to them is for the US iTunes, otherwise it would be a totally useless gift.

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Did you buy the Vanilla Mastercard from shoppers or a different brand.

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