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Then add that to the cable having 2 connectors on it that plug into a switch at either end, bringing the total number of connectors to 8.I personally have seen longer than 1km runs work, but I would have specified only singlemode for those runs.Webcam is not working or detected Webcam is not working or detected Webcam is not working or detected Webcam is not working or detected.But, I find scrolling the guide very l unresponsive and lags.

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Remote Code Finder. 2-And 3-device Remotes. 4-And 5-device Remotes. 6-And 8-device Remotes.In my research I found some information that does contradict what they were saying about 4dB loss being the maximum recommended, because it depends on what the minimum transmit power and minimum receive sensitivity of your devises and distance and other factors.

Idk why everyone is being so negative, it works perfectly for me anyways.What appears to be a problem with NETFLIX is in fact a problem with the Bell FIBE TV connection hub or router or modem.

They had another theory which is they thought perhaps one of the switch was broken but as I said I replaced the switches, ports, and optical modules already.Fibe (formerly FibreOP) is the brand name used by Bell Aliant for its suite of fiber to the home (FTTH) unified communication services, including Internet access.They told me that once they were finished replacing connectors there was enough light flowing to allow a gigabyte of data flow.How to Fix Netflix Connection Problems. problem but it gives me hope its a systemic issue and not a unit issue.By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.I agree about the multiple strands, typically the armored fiber bundles come in multiple pairs because nobody pays to dig the trench and only runs 1 pair.

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Full Review Ken Parsons January 3, 2015 Slow, unresponsive guide My issue is with the sluggish guide.Great app, find it much easier to find my shows on the app VS. the channel guide on the TV.The professional spent a day and a half on the cable and was not able to get it working.Hi folks Ed here I am a new guy very green. just got this job doing systems admin not really pbx systems.

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Been this way four a few weeks, I uninstalled it and re-installed 4 times Geez Full Review Yvonne October 28, 2016 Use to be great This app use to be great but the latest update had rendered it useless.

The iPhone is great to check and send your emails wherever you are.Long run the cost of that if they can find the issue will be cheaper then re-running the line so its worth the expense.Currently unusable until I completely reinstall app.lose favorites for 5th time.and completely reboot routers. Tv box.etc.not worth it.Follow all the standard precautions for hiring a contractor, like getting references and asking about their work on similar setups.Basically I am having a problem with a fiber optic cable connecting 2 switches not working, hired a professional to help fix it and in the end it is still not working.This hints at the real problem which is the physical remote and receiver - both are complete garbage.Their job is to do the job satisfactorily such that you can do your job.

Full Review Jaclyn Batten August 2, 2016 Love it but it has glitches The app is great but whenever I try to use the search feature it freezes and I have to restart.Translations. Print. Available Languages. Fix the problem with PMTUD not working,.Infinite area under curve without using derivatives and integrals.The professional told me with his testing meeter he had enough light passing for gigabyte of signal.

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Additionally I wish I could vote other answers as good as well because other people gave good advice also.Features: Browse the programming guide right on your mobile device.Since upgrading from high speed to FibreOp internet service, from the same provider, I have been unable to get the Apple TV, which was working fine before the.

Before you begin. iOS backups made in iCloud and iTunes back up your mail settings, but not your emails.I also checked all the splices in the fiber and made sure all the connectors where ok.

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I use on a motoG and its not glitchy or anything and it works from anywhere in my house.What is odd to me about this theory is that the cable has been operating perfectly for about 3 years like this.So I am trying to find out if anyone else has any ideas if even if someone can tell me that the fiber professional was competent and the information was correct.

Please keep in mind that this has been working perfectly for 3 years up until 8 days ago.

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If they have good equipment, which a reputable guy should, they should be able to determine exactly how far out the issue is.

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Check now if this host is not found for everyone or just you.Serving customers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island.Just over a week ago one of the branches of the fiber network went down.The 3rd (which is Bell Aliant Fiber Op), simply will not work.If the switches do work, get a better fiber contractor in there.You can use several browser windows for working with the Webmail.

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Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators.I need someone to look over the details that I am writing here and hopefully help me solve the problem.At the bottom of the post I will write all the specs of my equipment and such.

However this morning when I got up and turned on the set to see if this was still working, it was not.I take care of a network with a star topology network design.So basically as good as aliant is since selling out to bell completely.The days before my installation I found installers outside working on it,.Set, manage and delete recordings from anywhere, at home or on the go.Full Review Jean Francois Poulin June 25, 2015 Slow but lots of features The guide is so slow to scroll through and seeing recordings take way too long.Again, the TDR tells you roughly where in the fiber to look, and what to look for.If someone ran a backhoe through your fiber, they should pay for the repairs (dig up the hole, take the fiber apart, clean the ends, splice in a patch).