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Category Cloud Girls Media Random Stuff SGTTT Classes The Military Tutorials Things We Support.The PYQ-10 provides all the functions currently resident in the CYZ-10 and incorporates new features that provide streamlined management of COMSEC key, Electronic Protection (EP) data, and Signal Operating Instructions (SOI).


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An Pyq 10 Technical Manual -

Between 2005 and 2007, the U.S. Army budget included funds for over 24,000 SKL units.

5810-01-517-3587 – Cryptographic Key Transfer Unit

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Pyq 10 Manual -

The SKL is a great idea in theory, but it has too many design flaws.

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Pyq 10 Manual -

The SKL is backward-compatible with existing End Cryptographic Units (ECU) and forward-compatible with future security equipment and systems.

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Another issue with the SKL is that they tend to dump the database for no apparent reason and must often be reloaded from another SKL or rebuilt manualy.Something to note with the SKL is that it uses a Windows based platform.

This is viewed commonly by the Air Force as the weakest design flaw of the SKL.As mentioned in the article the stylus breaks far too easily which is a definite flaw.

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Pyq 10 Technical Manual -

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