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Modern smartphones and the apps running on them are engineered to collect and disseminate.Voice transformation technology in general will be good within a few years, in fact, it can work better if the voice user mimics the target voice to start.We have had an influx of support issues with the outbreak of counterfeit phones being sold.

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Check out RedPhone at its a free secure voice app for the android phone.On my blackphone 2 it is horrible, it disconnects from the internet and goes off line constantly and I must re-sign in after I missed my messages and calls.Encrypted Phone Review. Apple iTunes App store or the Google Play store.As soon as we can get all the various vendors to allow us we will make the code available (most likely on github).

How many actions must a user do in order to make a simple Silent Phone call.Alas (oh out the box HIPAA compliant) Full Review Ken Eynon May 17, 2016 Keeps telling me in in china The app is broken.We are constantly working on improvements to help bolster our privacy.Silent Circle offers private and encrypted mobile devices, software applications, and communication management services for enterprise.CryptoCat, Silent Circle. encrypted messaging apps review, cryptocat review, silent circle.

Our Customer Support department would be happy to discuss the issues and help resolve them.GEARCOM Equipment you need for wherever your adventures in life take you.How hard would it be to prevent the use of similar technology with Silent Circle.The key is associated in the Contacts database with a specific phone number and used to encrypt all those calls.

Open Search Field. (Silent Circle also pre-audits apps and makes them available in its own app store too).Signal brings painless encrypted calling. competitors like Silent Circle.The code will be released to open source as soon as Silent Circle can get around to it.Ill just jump through a few hoops and make my phone secure without your app.

The display said that the connection was secure but I had to be certain.Even if I have paied for an year in advanced, you make me quit using Silent Circle services because of this cumbersome application.

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Silent Circle technology offers the assurance that a message is being transmitted from one device to another that is private and unchanged during transmission.

FITCOM Tips on staying active, fueled and ready to overcome all obstacles.July 6, 2016 Hi Mark - We have made improvements in message reliability and network transitioning with the latest application 5.2. Please let our support team know that you are having issues.

End-to-end encryption, with ephemeral keys generated on the clients (i.e. iPhone), not the Silent Circle servers.The Silent Phone app handles the call side while Silent Text app encrypts and secures your text messages.Silent Circle provides multiplatform secure communication services for.Court documents sifted through by Forbes writer Thomas Fox-Brewster have revealed that Silent Circle, the company behind the secure Blackphone and Blackphone 2.Please log into your account at and submit a support request.We had a database optimization run and it wiped a few pending comments.

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Full Review Robert Fitzooth March 20, 2017 Use this app and you go to jail. what kind of anonymous you are when you must allow your location to be able to take a picture. and they got much more security issues.TOPICS GEARCOM Equipment you need for wherever your adventures in life take you.It sounds like you need to sign up for services or renew the credits in your account.

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Running a secure comm line via a data connection for a worthless idea.

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Viren Mansu April 18, 2016 Works very slow if password is enabled Have been using the app on blackphone 2 so silent circle cant complain about hardware and os.While we consider ourselves a fairly techy crew at ITS, some of the specifics with this app and network are a bit foreign to us.

If your looking for C.I.A Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability in a comm solution.Could Silent Circle apps be written to prevent use of another app running on the device that changes microphone input before the Silent Circle app processes it.Until we get some further time behind this app to test it, we leave you with this appropriate web comic from XKCD.Blackphone 2 hands on: Silent Circle unveils its second-generation smartphone with an enterprise privacy platform.

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However i have noticed a security bug with using the application on a non blackphone that could allow an attacker to read and send messages and view all details of the account.I bought the black phone 2 and im having issues but can get ZERO customer support on the phone or this app, hundreds of dollars wasted.July 6, 2016 Hello, If the update to 5.1.2 does not fix the issue you are having, try going into settings, apps, Silent Phone, and deleting the data.

Feedback from our users helps us make a better, more secure product.Alas, that success has proven elusive, the app is unstable and cannot be depended on to connect you when you need it most.Fairfax, VA 22030 Similar See more Pre-ordered Signal Private Messenger Open Whisper Systems 1 Free Signal makes privacy simple.The images in the store might be a little bit behind the version.Full Review October 17, 2016 What is wrong with programmers of this app.Collecting so called encrypted data, then selling that intel to the highest bidder is probably good money on the side.

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Imitation and cut-and-pasted recordings are the simplest for people to use now.It is so hard to make a user optimised and effective application.The Blackphone is a smartphone built to ensure privacy, developed by SGP Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silent Circle.