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All products and services featured are based solely on editorial selection.Official site includes news, tour dates, videos and information about the green day idiot club.However, that scattered light combines with direct sunlight to make white notebook paper appear white.This is because a dim blue light can cause the same level of response as a bright green one.I had a lot of issues over what it would actually look like under the skies of a planet around an M dwarf.This means that no single receptor can identify the frequency of light.

This is the most energetically efficient way to perform the reaction, so my guess is that for alien plants (so long as they are water and carbon based), the color will in the vast majority of cases always be whatever the star puts out minus the pertinent reds and blues, which in most cases will be some shade of green.Our eyes work a lot more around differences in light than around absolute amounts of light of any given color.Any matter above the temperature of absolute zero (about -273 Celsius) will emit light.Does it mean that the red, green, and blue cones are all firing at the same rate.So the stars are originally not green, but they appear to be.Scientific American ran a fascinating article in the April 2008 issue that addresses both these questions (The Color of Plants on Other Worlds, by Nancy Y.Was looking for answer as to why my big green tomatoes are not turning red. found just what I needed.A rainbow has to be pretty bright before you can even begin to see the narrow green band, while other colors are clearly visible.) So the sun emits far more photons in the bands adjacent to green than in the actual green.

And there are very few places on Earth left to see a truly dark night time sky.I love it when understanding in one type of science creates understanding in others.Instructions and code are provided to make all compatible web browsers display the EV green address bar for DigiCert certificates.These emission lines tend to be in blue or red, because of the narrowness of the part of the spectrum which our eyes interpret as green.At GreenCentre Canada, we take a hands-on approach to commercializing emerging Green Chemistry innovations originating from academia and the entrepreneurial community.Not emerald-green, but a bluish green like a pane of window glass seen on its edge.

The uncompetitiveness of renewable generation explains the emphasis pro-renewable energy lobbyists on both the state and federal levels put on quota requirements, as well as continued or expanded subsidies.Kurt: The sun looks yellow when it is near the horizon, and so do clouds (or sometimes pink, or red, depending on the atmospheric containments).Because our eyes tell us that it is yellow, not because it is really yellow.But it is possible to combine a bunch of frequencies in such a way that together they cause that same, characteristic level of response in the three receptors.Sunlight at the bottom of the atmosphere ends up peaking in red.Even improved new generation renewable capacity is, on average.

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How Less Became More: Wind, Power and Unintended Consequences in the Colorado Energy Market.In general, given a set of N response functions that overlap figuring out the true spectrum of the emitted light is called the Unfolding Problem.

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Have you ever been on a website and noticed that the address bar is green.The fault lies not in the stars (well, not entirely), but within ourselves.The iPhone Messages app will display text messages with either a green background or a blue background.

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We can do the same kinds of mixing and get similar effects working with complementary colours, that is, the ones directly across the colour wheel from the primaries.

Actually digital cameras often have some infrared sensitivity normally.

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This, however, is where I would need the help of the more astronomy-learned on this site.Also, I think the reason the sun peaks in the yellow-green and we just happen to see yellow must be due to evolutionary reasons. i have always wondered about this.With regards to the question about the colors of plants adapted to lights of different stars: the key step in photosynthesis that requires the input of energy from photons, in simplified form, boils down to splitting the water molecule so that the energized hydrogen can be used as a reducing agent.

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The reason it (and, well, everything else in space) looks yellow to us down here (and yes, Phil, it certainly does.

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Some people say the Sun is yellow, but if it were really yellow to our eyes, then clouds would look yellow, and snow would too (all of it, not just some of it in your back yard where your dog hangs out).An object that is at 4500 Kelvins (about 4200 Celsius or 7600 F) peaks in the orange part of the spectrum.

There are loads of related topics people might find interesting, and lots of unexplored issues that will someday earn many people Nobel prizes.We always look at the sun when it is near the horizon, and so we always see it as yellow, orange, or sometimes red.

Much of my time is spent in the clean air of mountaintops above the clouds, and from there the sun always appears pure white to me and my colleagues, even when it is low on the horizon.This seems in opposition to the idea of not seeing the green sun.So it is not hard to envision the evolution of pigments or systems of pigments that could absorb green light photons and then pass on red and blue light photons to chlorophyll.I am probably confused, but I think it was settled long ago that Antares has the color olivacia subrucunda.We were processing data that came out of experiments conducted on real exploding nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site.As someone else noted, snow still appears white because its receiving and reflecting the combined light from direct sunlight and light scattered from the atmosphere.Because the sun is emitting so much, the threshold may be going at their max, hence the blend to white.