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I would suggest you call your provider and ask them to turn on the text messaging feature.

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If you are in Canada, I suggest getting this service because having it will open up some of the other features that Google Voice has.But, moving a number to Google Voice after canceling Project Fi is free.I particularly hate not knowing if a call is going to cost me long distance charges or not.

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You will input the 4 digit code that was sent to you via text message in the box shown in image 8.This is a post in a series regarding getting free long distance calling in Canada.

Is the only way to get an activation code by text to my cell phone.Since Your Cell is a Canadian number, and Google Voice wont talk to a Canadian number, we put Voxox to perform this for us.Then I call my Google number and the call comes to my cell phone but as soon as I answer it the Voxox automated operator says the other line disconnected.My guess would be to try to set up a new Voxox number and see if that works.This post will be about how to set up your Google Voice account, even when you are not in the US.Is it possible to get a Google voice number without already having a.

In terms of getting the callback feature to work on your iPhone, I have a write up on how to use that.Google Play services is used to update Google apps and. apps that connected to google play service still running. by Google, with free unlimited.I have it integrated with Gizmo5, and use a SIP adapter to get.

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Learn how to add a Google map or several maps to your web page with.I think the Canada US thing might also make a difference but I have set up Google Voice on accounts that are registered to Canadians.My personal suggestion (and the one I will walk you through getting) is through.In order to have my family continue to call that US number, I ended up setting it up to forward to voxox, then voxox to forward to my Canadian cell number.I think the default should be that calls to your US Google Voice number shoudl go to our Google VM.

Since you are the first to have this problem maybe it is a bit of a glitch with Google Voice this week and next week it will get settled.When that forwarding goes through does leaving a message on my GV number count as a long distance charge for the person calling.I would imagine this should solve the problem as it has for me.This way texts sent to your Google Voice number will come to your cell phone via the app (data) instead of via text message.

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What I would do is maybe download a Windows XP emulator if you are running Windows 8.If you look at the screenshots, when you click the link in your email, you will be taken to the Voxox interface (image 6 of 38).

Since your VOXOX number is now forwarding to your Canada residence, when you initiate a call to it from Google Voice, it will ring on your Canada Residence.But those features are awfully limited compared with what you get when you use a Google number. and provides free replacements.

I am a huge fan of it and I have used it to pretty much nullify my phone bills, or at least drastically reduce them.I am assuming you are in Canada so it wouldnt be that your internet provider is blocking it (might be the case in China for example).Different Techniques exist in configurating Your free Google Voice account on A SIP or VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol).By forwarding your VOXOX number to your Canada residence, you are essentially making your Canada residence number look like a US number.Enjoy the free long distance and texting (assuming you have a smart phone).One thing to check is just try calling your Voxox number and see what happens.If you decide to not transfer your Google Voice number, you can lock it again.I have been successful in setting up numbers here the past little while so I dnot think Google is the problem.