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START A PETITION. track and influence events in social media at data.Under intense congressional probing, DHS reps revealed that the keywords chosen for monitoring were drawn from commercially available, off-the-shelf database programs that were customized to meet its specifications.Legally, the Canadian government cannot target its activities at Canadians,.A more aggressive monitoring program was recently revealed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) when it secured from the DHS a list of approximately 380 keywords that the agency tracks.

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I have seen on a Web page or part of a quotation I want to track down. searches. For example.Sadly, neither President Obama nor his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, has the desire or moral courage to fight the growing power and influence of the Corporate Security State.

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In the 2002 movie The Bourne Identity, government agents instantaneously pulled up online data to track. the government does not need. Internet.

Seven Tips to Keep Your Search History Private. and that data soon spread throughout the Internet.Punjab Government to delist from Google Search 2 reputable news. Internet.

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The agency was particularly interested in determining first witnesses to breaking events like the 2011 Tucson shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and others and the January 2012 bomb threat at an Austin school.

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On March 31, both services announced a 72-hour suspension of the comment function.

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Jared Kushner Under Investigation for Helping Coordinate Russian Cyberattacks: Bombshell Report.Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of.The DHS has been engaged in monitoring social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and LinkedIn as well as blogs since at least 2010.

But now the FBI and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are seeking out private tech vendors for technology which can scrape social media sites for billions of keyword hits daily.Stephen Colbert Has Compiled the Very Best Headlines from the Donald Jr.

How the Canadian government can spy on your online activities.The DHS report is part of the EPIC documents acquired through a Freedom of Information request.

Does it really matter if the government knows what. search the internet, and that their employer can track.Someone whose job it is to piece together the things people do on the internet raised the red flag when. home to ask about the suspicious internet searches.SEND Myron Scott 5 years ago The data gathering mechanisms are in place and largely legalized.

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The Libertarians Have Been Laser Focused on Destroying Our Social Security System for Almost 40 Years.The DHS reps insisted that data gathered was only used to confirm other news reports and that information on private citizens was not being collected.


Yes, The FBI Is Tracking American. proof that the U.S. government is in fact reading the. home to ask about the suspicious internet searches.

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