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Its either, the modem actually is bad. Or. theres to much interference or attenuation on the dsl line.Meaning, its either your internal house line, or most likely, the connection to the isp server. Honestly. Ive installed and configured a lot of home networks, and larger networks in my time.

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Network status reports my physical Internet connection as Limited, VPN as Connected.

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Is My Internet Working is not to be held responsible for any.Make sure that ALL phones, answering machines, or other devices which connect to a phone jack have a DSL phone filter attached.

If you still need assistance, You can reply to this message at any time.Hello everyone, first off i really appreciate all those people who take the time to read all of this, and especially to those who reply, i really do mean that.

Quote from: MediacomTom on July 27, 2011, 05:14:03 PM Splitter would be the first thing I would check for based on your description.

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Then they need to come out and test your lines, and test their lines going from your house to the main node.It keeps turning on and off, like every 2 minutes, the channels on the tv also get real fuzzy when the internet goes out, then the tv channels go back to normal and the internet turns back on, then a minute later, it goes off again.

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Why is my internet connection so slow and I have to refresh. long to access my email or any internet. time Firefox is turned off? why is it...Hello My Friend, Welcome to Just Answer.com. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Microsoft- Certified Technician who will assist you today.For some reason, randomly my Windows 8 HP laptop turns of my wifi internet access just on this laptop,.

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As both cable and internet are doing the same thing, see if you can bypass the splitter and go direct to the outlet.

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If the Internet light is solid red, the router has tried and failed to establish an IP connection.But im very familiar with that dsl modem, i had one of those exact models with embarq about two years ago. The issue. i would immediately have the isp give me a replacement modem. and then if in any way you lose connection more then once or twice a day.Yes I have even different computers and still I get same error cutting off every 15 minutse or longer.My neighbor has Mediacom service and runs an unsecured wifi network and I checked it a couple times when mine went out.I followed instructions to remove my name on spokeo and it worked for one state but the other one when you search my name the first page that pops up that is not my.

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If they are not able to help, m y recomendation would be to use it only as a bridge and buy a wrt54gs router (linksys) for 60 bucks, and you will have wifi and full routing services.I am going to get a message over to the local technical supervisor to see what is going on here.

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Have you connected this to your 2Wire DSL Gateway Model 2701HG-B to linksys.Can someone please explain to me why my internet shuts off ONLY when I play League of Legends.

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No I have not it was an local install soon as you connect it you run it on your pc from the modem.JustAnswer UK JustAnswer Germany JustAnswer Spanish JustAnswer Japan.

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To restore your Internet connection: Verify that the telephone cable is still properly connected between a working wall jack and the system port labeled PHONE LINE.Your home or office network router is your link to the Web, email and other Internet resources, so the consequences of a malfunctioning router range from annoying.

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