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I posted earlier about a phone extension problem- it seems the hub is the problem.I have been having a problem with some but not all wireless connections on my home hub.Setup the TC wireless to manual settings so you can reinforce the HH3 and not compete with it.After a few days I kept getting frequent resets, Phone BT went all through there song sheet finally got.None of our laptops pick it up until you switch the hub off and on again.

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How to connect Chromecast to BT Home Hub 3 wi-fi network

I joined BTI about 6 weeks ago and have been having problems with iPad and iPhone speed since the change.

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I need help becouse wchen i try open port 11155 for tunngle my bt hub.

How many users have had big problems with BT Home Hub 5812 and also Voyager 2500.Some BT infinity customers using their Homehub 5s have been having problems with.

I have recently upgraded to Yosemite and since have ha major Wifi connectivity issues on my Macbook Pro.I have logged many calls with Apple who have been attentive in helping me work through the issues.

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I can give screenshots but I am running Snow Leopard on this computer and it is different in v6 utility on Lion or ML.

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Hello BT, I am currently having problems connecting to the BT Home Hub Manager.Hi, I am on BT infinity and have Home Hub 3 (I think) with software version running is (Type A).

Hi, I have BT Infinity installed with the BT Home Hub 3 but due to the shape and age of our property the wireless connectivity from the HH3 would not reach the other.I do not have a HH to look at but all wireless in the presence of another WAP should automatically drop back to 20mhz. but some device allow an override. do not use or force 40mhz wireless. it will cause issues.Hi I have an uncongested Wifi Network that consists of a BT Home Hub and a Netgear Wn2000RPT.

Try doing a Factory Re-set (paperclip into small hole at side of hub) and see if that resolves matters.

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SOLVED: I up graded my BT Hub 5 for the 6. I also have - Fixya

It seems to switch to channel 6 then after sometime links drops and I get very slow or no Internet connection.My phone had no dial tone just lots of noise,there doesnt seem to be a wiring problem, however if I unplug the home hub the phone will work fine.Also, I have asked a few other people in my area I know who are with BT and they are not getting the same problem as me.Had infinity since June 2010, recently moved home (from one infinity exchange to another infinity exchange) and as part of the move the infinity install was done at my new property and bt provided a new Home Hub3.

There should now be two versions of your SSID in the list (the original and the one you added a 5 to).I have a whole host of computers in the house so I knew it was something specific to iDevices.The solution at the moment is to follow the advice posted by BT on this post.That is why it only needs a minimum spec of around 15Mbps (to cater for two simultaneous HD channels), and yet can in theory offer the viewer a choice from several hundred channels.Probably the best site to look at with regard all things hub is:-.

The customer having Infinity guarantees this minimum spec is met.

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If I disable wireless on my portable and re-enable it, it also fails.To resolve your Wifi issues you need to Go to bthomehub.home on a device that will connect (your phone will do fine).

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The BT Smart Hub (formerly the BT Home Hub) is a family of wireless residential gateway router modems distributed by BT for use with their own products and services.Carry out a factory reset of the Homehub by pressing a pin into the red recess on the hub for about 20secs.More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call 1-800-MY-APPLE, or find a reseller.When the link drops I get message on the laptop that there is limited wireless connectivity.

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I swapped the homehub3 for my old infinity homehub2 and everything connects in an instant.