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Debian is the next most reliable Linux distribution but it alters the packages from the authors.Many such boards put out the info but, give no clue as to whether or not there is anybody who cares on the other side of the web site.).The biggest advantage of redhat is compatibility with specific closed hw vendors who make only RHEL and SLES packages with binary kernel modules.

Debian -- The Universal Operating System

Ubuntu really tops in desktop edition and it is really easy to use than other linux edition.

I have been using some of the distro and Ithink they are pretty good. ilike Fedora,Ubuntu,Mint and Suse.A typical Linux server runs in a command line interface (CLI) environment, preloaded with bare essential tools needed to install and configure various headless services.

It was created from the best software available in the open source.I think Facebook now supports HTML 5 and if you uninstall flash and you can view the videos then send flash packing.If you are searching for the BEST and FREE MongoDB GUI tool, then you are at the right spot.

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Like Scott has mentioned, it is just too easy to set it up and running.Xubuntu has taken over Ubuntu after the introduction of Unity framework.

What would be best Linux Distro for my laptop with 1GB RAM and.

Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad X220 - CPU: i5 2420m - RAM: 8gb - SSD: Samsung 830 - IPS screen.

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There would be no voting involved, sad to say, cause I do love a good online poll, but it would be an incredibly geeky thing to do.Linux 101 Hacks 2nd Edition eBook - Practical Examples to Build a Strong Foundation in Linux.For a light-weight distro that runs fast and does most anything people do on a laptop I would say GOS.This same beginner, if they had a successful experience, might join the Linux community in a far more active fashion and one more productive than all the shouting that they will do as to how horrible the experience was at the hands of Ubuntu.As part of the contest that was conducted a while back, I got around 200 responses from the geeky readers who choose their favorite Linux distributions.

Sabyon is interesting, very cutting edge but a bit unstable and has more hardware compatibility issues than other distros.In Linux the graphical user interface is not a part of the operating system.Went back to WinXP for 15 years, and finally got sick of reinstalling it.If your organization does not want to spend money on purchasing Red Hat support, but still want all the benefits of the red-hat distribution, this is obviously the best choice, as this is totally based on the red-hat enterprise Linux.I reported it in time of rh6 (even before getting first debian) and 10 years were not enough to add one if statement.If you care even slightly about privacy, you should use Linux as your OS.The best Linux desktops for both newbie and advanced users, focusing on desktop ease of use and Linux tool set.

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I would like to get some feedback on what you guys think is the best OS for asterisk.

Why do most of the developers in Silicon Valley prefer OS X over.Security holes always happened on outdated packages, this is why we have to keep our packages updated.The graphical user interface found on most Linux desktops is provided by software called.

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These are the best open source code editors that are both high on looks and performance.

You are absolutely right about Ubuntu, for some of my non-geeky (read it as — Microsoft, self proclaimed geeks) friends, who wants to know what is all the hype about Linux, I recommend Ubuntu to them.Puppy is a small fast distro, great for fixing those messed up other than Linux distros.The Kernel just by itself would not work by itself, it needs to be loaded, for that you need a Linux Loader (LILO or Grub) (which is basically a boot program that loads the Kernel to the memory and points to the Kernel entry point).Every time you clickink mouse in Debian, God, he is killink a kitten.If I upgrade a package or kernel I want that package or kernel to work.

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Redhat should be on top as it used mostly on Enterprise environment, Ubuntu works as desktop for Server.The terminal is indeed where Linux happens, you might as well get used to it.

Ubuntu 11.10 is very good as I use it in my Desktop and Laptop.Following are few awesome 15 examples articles that you might find helpful.In this Post, Get the Best Linux Distributions (Distros) for Beginners to Advanced users from Gaming to Hacking.I was settling into Fedora until they changed Gnome, at which point I switched to Centos.Software distributions based on Debian. Cumulus Linux is a Debian-based operating system.Also, using the terminal is where some of the best stuff in Linux is found.

Linux Directory Structure (File System Structure) Explained with Examples.Here is the full listing of all the distros that were mentioned as favorite by the users in the contenst.