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On Tuesday, January 9, 2007, the same court overturned its previous decision, allowing the filters to be removed.Pakistani government has banned youtube several times following certain events but the last ban placed on September 17, 2012 is the by far the longest ban on youtube.

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Pakistan unblocks video sharing site YouTube more than three years after it was banned for posting a video deemed insulting to Islam.

On January 24, 2010, Libya permanently blocked YouTube after it featured videos of demonstrations in the Libyan city of Benghazi by families of detainees who were killed in Abu Salim prison in 1996, as well as videos of family members of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi at parties.

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After sparking a YouTube outage over the weekend, Pakistan has lifted its ban and restored service to the video-sharing site.

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This article is about censorship of YouTube by governments and organizations.

YouTube is now officially back in Pakistan, following the launch of a localized version of the site last week, Reuters reports.In some countries YouTube is completely blocked, either through a long term standing ban or for more limited periods of time such as during periods of unrest, the run-up to an election, or in response to upcoming political anniversaries.Assalam-o-Alaikum, Today i was tagged in a post by friend on Facebook which says YouTube is working in Pakistan.

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But last week Google said it had launched a localized version of the site in Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, meaning Pakistani authorities can now ask Google to remove content deemed objectionable.A resolution demanding the initiation of immediate steps to lift YouTube Ban was passed unanimously by National Assembly of Pakistan.Pakistan said on Monday it had removed a three-year ban on YouTube after the Google-owned video-sharing website launched a local version that allows the government to.

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YouTube Censored: A recent History by the OpenNet Initiative: an interactive map that shows a rough history of YouTube censorship since 2006.Islamabad: Five months after YouTube was banned in Pakistan for hosting clips from a controversial anti-Islam film, authorities have said there are no plans to remove.The availability of this content to LGBT youth, such as information about coming out, is vitally important.The government did not confirm or provide reasons for the ban.

He added that he had checked and did not find blasphemous content on the website, saying that some videos came up with a notification that they had been blocked.

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Pakistan ban on YouTube to remain indefinitely - The suspension of video-sharing website YouTube is likely to continue in Pakistan for an indefinite period, officials.

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Following the disputed February 2008 presidential elections, the Armenian government blocked Internet users access to YouTube for a month.

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Critics have stressed that LGBT content should not be seen as inherently sexual or inappropriate for children.A Pakistani court had on May 19 ordered that Facebook be blocked.YouTube has become available in Pakistan today, ending a three-year-ban on the Google-owned video site.As of September 2012, countries with standing national bans on YouTube include China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and Turkmenistan.Pakistan has removed a three-year ban on YouTube after the video-sharing website launched a local version that allows the government to demand removal of material it.

Pakistani university students try to access YouTube in Karachi, Pakistan.Blasphemy is a contentious issue in Pakistan and the country has seen violent riots sparked by content considered offensive to Islam.

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Islamabad had been in intermittent talks with Google for several years over the issue.

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The effectiveness of the measure was questioned, since the video is available not only on YouTube, but also on other sites as part of an Internet phenomenon.In other countries access to the website as a whole remains open, but access to specific videos is blocked.

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