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Voltage Pictures Sues 31 “John Does” For “Dallas Buyers

Voltage Pictures, the creators of Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker, has dropped about 90% of the defendants in their lawsuit against those they claim illegally.Approximately 90% of defendants in a piracy lawsuit launched by the producers of movie.Some of our customers have been notified that an IP address associated with their.

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Toho Sues Voltage Pictures Over Godzilla Copyright. has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in.

“Copyright trolling” movie studio gets hit with Godzilla

Anyone who has spent time with us here at Techdirt will be familiar with Voltage Pictures, the movie studio that perhaps is more famous now for being a copyright.Canada was largely spared these cases until 2012, when Voltage Pictures, a U.S. film company, filed a lawsuit demanding that TekSavvy, a leading independent Internet provider, disclose the names and addresses of thousands of its subscribers who it claimed infringement its copyright.

Voltage Pictures is a company filing copyright infringement lawsuits against numerous John Doe Defendants.Godzilla creator sues US studio, alleges copyright violation. Wednesday it is suing Voltage Pictures and a director in a lawsuit complaining that promotions.

Voltage Pictures, the people behind The Hurt Locker has voluntarily dismissed 90% of the 24,583.

Toho Sues Voltage Pictures Over Godzilla Copyright

Any other Hollywood studio would have simply paid Toho for the right to license the Godzilla theme, but Voltage Pictures is apparently.

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By Michael Geist Technology Fri., Feb. 21, 2014 The outbreak of copyright trolling cases in the United States and Britain in recent years has sparked considerable anger from courts, Internet providers, and subscribers.Voltage Pictures has filed a new lawsuit against 2,514 unnamed defendants, all of whom are accused of illegally downloading the Academy Award-winning movie.

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Canada was largely spared these cases until 2012, when Voltage Pictures, a U.S. film company, filed a lawsuit demanding that TekSavvy,.After being targeted by Voltage Pictures, the company behind the Hurt Locker and thousands of copyright troll lawsuits in the United States,.A settlement has been reached after Godzilla copyright holder Toho took Voltage Pictures and Nacho Vigalondo to court over Colossal.

Voltage Pictures, the production company behind the Oscar-nominated film Dallas Buyers Club, has sued thirty-one anonymous BitTorrent users in federal court in Texas.Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

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'Hurt Locker' Lawsuit Targets 24,583 BitTorrent Users

Does, a case involving demands that TekSavvy, a leading independent ISP, disclose.Federal Civil Lawsuit Oregon District Court, Case No. 6:14-cv-00812 District Judge Michael J.Given the cap on liability that the government implemented in the last round of copyright reform, court oversight on sending demand letters, the requirements to compensate Internet providers for their costs, and the increased expense the court involvement will create, copyright trolls may wish to look elsewhere as Canada could prove too costly for such dubious legal tactics.

The big remaining question is whether copyright trolls will now view Canada as hostile territory.Voltage Pictures has entered into an deal with Alissa Phillips for her to produce feature films, television series and mini series exclusively with the company.These cases, which typically involve sending thousands of legal letters alleging copyright infringement and demanding thousands of dollars to settle, rely on ill-informed and frightened subscribers, who would rather pay the settlement than fight in court.The federal court has released its much anticipated decision in Voltage Pictures v.

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