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I have tried the Mac forums and the Windows forums, to no avail.

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Enable Screen Sharing on the Mac whose Screen will be shared (as server).SMB Windows file sharing not working on Mac after upgrading to macOS 10.12 Sierra or setting up a new Mac or MacBook via iCloud is easily fixed.

If you have more than one computer, file sharing is a blessing.I have this set up so I can boot my mac using my ipad from work.I have two machines one is Mac OS 9 and the other is Mac OS X I want to do the following: 1.In the desktop sharing window, click the pop-up menu, point to the desktop that you want to stop sharing, and then click Stop Sharing.I am having extreme difficulties sharing files over my home network.


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Or place the laptop in a DMZ on the router where all incoming traffic is directed to that computer.

More than one user can be logged into a single Mac at a time.To get this going, make sure your PC is set up for file sharing.How to: Connect to your Mac Remotely through VNC Transfer Files Between Remote Macs with Screen Sharing in OS X Remote Control your Mac with an iPhone Put a Mac to Sleep Using an Apple Remote Control.

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You can set up shared folders in guest operating systems to share files between your Mac and your Windows and other virtual machines.Finally, Screen Sharing is made even better because it uses VNC, a protocol which has clients available on virtually every platform.

For example, if a Mac at home is connected to a wi-fi router with several other computers, the VNC port must be opened on the router so that the VNC connection can be made from a remote machine directly to the Mac.Sharing your printer with other users is one of the best reasons to have a network.Printer sharing from a windows machine to a mac machine is a little bit more complicated because of the different.Share the dialup internet which is on on Mac OS 9 to Moac OS X.

db:: 3.62::Network Sharing: One Mac can see the other's

Make a note of the Macs IP address, that is what you will be connecting to.

Find and save ideas about Sharing economy on Pinterest. | See more about Economia circular, Sustainability in business and Disruptive business models.They can also share printers, allowing you to use a single wired.The Mac can see the shared Home Sharing folder on my PC but I can not get my PC to show the Home Sharing.

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Mac OS X has a built-in Internet Sharing function that can be a real life saver while travelling.

When I use Back To My Mac from work to screen share my home Mac the pointer disappears.

Select the On check box (the leftmost column) for each account you want to enable to use these protocols to access your Mac, providing the password when prompted.This sounds easy for me to control my Mini at home when I am sitting in another room using my MacBook on the same home network.

Why invest in a racing stallion if you plan to gouge out an eye, or keep it in a stall with a volume slightly larger than the horse itself.By default, only one folder in your Home folder is shared, and that folder is your Public Folder.

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If you want to change the name of your computer from whatever Lion decided to call it to something more personal, do that now in the Computer Name text field at the top of the Sharing pane.On that router you have to be able to set send broadcast messages to the LAN, as that is what is needed to weak up computers behind that router.Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe.

Now other users on your network can access files and folders on your computer.

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Step 5 Check windows sharing Go to System Preferences on the Mac,.Note that connecting to remote Macs may require additional steps if the machine is located behind a firewall or router.

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In Windows, choose the folder you want to access from your Mac, and right.The Printer Sharing preferences pane in OS X 10.6. For Mac printer sharing to work, you will need to enable the printer sharing function on your Mac.Because routers and firewall configurations are different from situation to manufacturer, it would be impossible to cover every example here, but users would typically would find such settings available under preferences named for ports, open ports, or port forwarding.Dropbox simplifies the way you create, share and collaborate.

Did you know you can turn your Mac into a wireless access point by using Internet Sharing.This is a great option for same-network macs (in my case a mac mini server).Anything left open from the user you logged in as will be visible, and you have full access to everything on the Mac.Mac OS X does not have a built in terminal server emulation like Windows does (I think Windows NT was the first one to have this implemented).

By Bob LeVitus Macintosh file sharing enables you to use files, folders, and disks from other Macs on a network — any network, including the Internet — as easily as though they were on your own local hard drive.Windows, Mac, and Linux can all get along together, sharing files with each other on a network.