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Regardless, Slither is horror at its most fun, featuring disgusting slugs that are slowly transforming the townspeople into zombies.From The Awakening and Kill List to American Mary and The Children, we list 15 great horror movies that might have passed you by.When a young college student needs money to pay the rent, she takes a babysitting job at a strange house where not everything is what it seems.

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Tragic and moving, The Others was a sleeper hit featuring great work from Kidman.Movies like Piranha 3D and Drag Me to Hell play off of our expectations, keeping us smiling while chewing on our fingernails.

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Perhaps the first and best of the remakes of Japanese horror classics,.A group of animal rights activists break into a research lab to free the animals inside and instead unleash a virus that turns people into rage-filled killers.

All of our critics were invited to vote for 50 films, ranked from 1-50.Once Helen gets the zombie (named Fido of course) home, things obviously get complicated when her son and Fido develop an interesting bond.The top foreign horror films are covered in a separate article, as are the worst horror films of the past decade.

While the American theatrical release had a slightly more hopeful ending than the original British version, all of the terror and intensity was left intact.The Dissolve Canon is an occasional feature making bold declarations about.Over the last decade we have seen literally hundreds of great horror movies released in a wash of thousands of really bad ones.Okayy, calm down everybody, for those of you who r arguing, everyone has different tastes in movies, i mean if everybosy liked the same thing, that would be boring so y dont u just respect each other and ur opinions.

Films released internationally before 2010 only qualified if their U.S. release was in 2010 or later.

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Helen is a 1950s housewife who needs a little help at home, so she buys herself a zombie in Fido, a horror comedy that looks at what life would be like after humanity won the war against the undead.Written and directed by James Gunn ( Dawn of the Dead ), Slither is played evenly for laughs and scares, which may be the reason it underperformed at the box office.

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Sunshine is not only one of the best films this decade,. beats 99% of modern horror films,.

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Updating the classic story of what happens when the world of the dead and the living overlap, The Others uses suspense and mystery to raise the terror level with the audience.

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Any feature-length film, initially released to the public in the United States between 2010 and 2014, qualified.

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Read Haleigh's picks for the best horror movies to watch on Halloween that aren't 'Halloween', including Drag Me to Hell, The Monster Squad, and Suspiria.Ginger Fitzgerald is attacked by a werewolf and her sister Brigitte manages to save her from death but not infection.

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In the last ten years, American horror movies have been on a downward spiral into suckiness.

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Some of these have been respectable ( Let Me In ), but too many others have offered nothing more than a reminder of how effective their original source material was ( A Nightmare on Elm Street ).That definitely belongs in the 25 Best Horror Films of the Aughts article. Suicide Circle might be the best horror film of the last decade, forget Pulse.Twenty years after Day of the Dead, George Romero returned to the genre he created with Land of the Dead.Some of the best horror movies of the last ten years have found originality in reworking, rather than remaking, old ideas.