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PureVPN writes that its NAT Firewall protects you by blocking unrequested connections, malicious inbound traffic, exploits, bad data packets, and other nasties.Please contact the Administrator of the RAS server and notify them of this error.Globally very disappointing, in particular as far as using the service through a router is concerned.I am out the money on a 2 year plan and I am still going to purchase another plan with another company because the service really is that terrible.

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About Us Advertise Your Company Charities We Support Media Disclaimer Privacy Policy.My internet provider official speed is 150Mbps and actual speed is about 170Mbps.These include Mac, Linux, HP WebOS, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Boxee Box, DD-WRT, and various gaming consoles.I might test Pure again in a few months time and see if they fixed their problems (not holding my breath here).

When I went to customer service they only wanted to up-sell me to one of the many add on services they offer for an additional premium.At best, most others simply disable IPv6, which is not ideal.I signed up to purevpn 6 months ago, using it mainly for file sharing.I bought purevpn to remote into at home, slow vpn, no dedicated windows service,questionable support, the refund is completely BS.

In addition to its set features, PureVPN has a number of add-on features available.Zyxel ZyWALL 110 VPN Firewall. but the NPS service was down, or authentication failed). The router also had issues connecting to my Purevpn.com VPN account.IDK what the heck the guys above are buying but this program is great and I will continue to recommend it to everyone.They just shield themselves from refunds because they know this service actually SUCKS very badly.I typically have better speeds if not the equivalent to what I already had.The ONLY way you are getting your money back is to charge back.

Still had connection issues so emailed again requesting a cancellation and a refund and again received a response apologising but asking me to stay with them and offering me 50% off my next invoice.Clicking on Advanced settings will present you with more advanced security features, such as DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, a kill switch to protect you in the event your connection drops, and split tunneling.

Once logged in, click the Download tab in the upper right corner.ExpressVPN runs seamlessly in the background so you can use the internet without interruptions. 5-star customer support.What I am however wondering is if Ivacy is not a reseller of Pure (or vice versa).I have been really spending a lot of time trying to find a good and reliable VPN that I can use both at home and when travelling.

Longstanding connection issues with select servers are bad enough, but WebRTC leaks, DNS leaks, and IP leaks are all absolutely unacceptable.The last 2 purchased recently is working bad, with one these days I lost more than 100 pounds because the service wrong function one account was closed and I lost that money.

ASUS router quick how-to: VPN server tutorial ASUS. Loading. ASUS router quick how-to: optimize network traffic with QoS - Duration: 3:02.Specifically, the authentication method used by the server to verify your username and password may not match the authentication method configured in your connection profile.It protects you online with its 256-bit encrypted secure VPN servers.However, there are plenty of perks to having a dedicated IP, which PureVPN explains in their handy graph.I had PureVPN monthly to test it: they went above and beyond to fix problems.

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They were probably too busy texting or listening to Green Day to notice that it was a serious flaw in their information.I would say to stay away from PureVPN.The price will lure you in like it did me,but they are unaware of their own SHORTCOMINGS.By the way I spent almost 3 hours just to get frustrated.

Regarding encryption selection, I liked the wide range to choose from and how they clearly note the speed and security of each.The PureVPN DDoS protection add-on adds an extra layer of security to your existing VPN plan.Sadly, like the BestVPN.com video reviewer, I also could not connect to Hong Kong.Then they sold me on DDoS Protection and suggester adding their new 360 service.The database server is joined to our domain, and Windows Authentication is enabled.

Any of the aforementioned add-on features I mentioned will also toughen the security and privacy of your PureVPN account.Detailed setup guides for each are found in the PureVPN help center.Hi I Need Help with My Connecting when i try to connect my VPN It tell me authentication failed need.Avoid this, try a legitimate vpn company that doesnt use bs tactics, auto responder emails, and giving u the runaround.PureVPN has been in the VPN industry for over a decade and has built a reputation for being a finely-designed and trustworthy provider.I tried a few other servers, from popular picks to the US to more obscure choices like Honduras.Hello Carl, You give a lot of time to the Citrix community, thanks.

Just get copied and pasted stock answers about reinstalling the software (which I have done at least a dozen times).I have used PureVPN for torrents and general security and now I pretty much leave it turned on for everything.Git Commands Return Fatal: Authentication Failed. Problem. When performing a Git operation to the Bitbucket Server instance over HTTP, the command fails with a fatal:.

To sign up for a PureVPN account, you first have to go to its Pricing page.Ensure that session service is configured and maxsession is not reached.I would highly suggest that you heed this review and take a look at the 1 star review by all the users here.

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It is broken down into three categories: Premium Users, Streamers, and Downloaders.By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.After initial teething problems (Android) I got it to work, but only at my home location LOL.

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Make sure you have forwarded port 1723 from your router to your VPN server.We have an Excel spreadsheet that uses a Data Connection to a SQL Server database.They had even tricked me into buying a dedicated IP address in the US so that I could access Netflix US (they included the Netflix us server address).Speeds are ok, usually around 80-90% of the actual achievable connection speed.I believe the Viscosity OpenVPN client supports full split tunneling, and may be exactly what you are looking for.As a result of this asshattery we have cancelled Netflix, are going to cancel Amazon and will not be renewing with PureVPN.

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