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If true, the target path is located within a user home directory.If true, allows for two-factor authentication for EAP-TTLS, PEAP, or EAP-FAST.GivenName String Optional: will be displayed as the given name of the user.

When disabled, the ringer behavior depends on what position the switch was in when it was first disabled.SSIDMatch Array of strings An array of SSIDs to match against the current network.PayloadIdentifier String A reverse-DNS-style identifier for the specific payload.This payload allows you to save names of the account user and prompt text.If the value of this key is packet-tunnel, then the VPN service will tunnel traffic at the IP layer.

Installing more than one payload of this type per machine will cause an error.If set to true, enable the per-message signing and encryption switch.If set to false, matching managed apps will not be allowed to use cellular data at any time.If false, the SmartCard is disabled for logins, authorizations, and screensaver unlocking.Pilots at Finnpilot use iPad to accept job assignments, receive critical pilotage information, report unsafe conditions, and begin invoicing so they can complete their tasks with a.Email Payload The email payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.Each dictionary consists of a Type field plus additional settings specific to the Type.

If true, the user will be prompted for credentials when the profile is installed.In iOS 7 and later, if this key is present, the associated domain names are treated as though they were associated with the OnDemandMatchDomainsOnRetry key.Recently, the Intune team announced support for the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).The payload organization for a payload need not match the payload organization in the enclosing profile.Identity Preference Payload Available in macOS 10.12 and later.

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It disables dictation and suppresses profanity on the device.

PayloadDisplayName String A human-readable name for the profile payload.These DNS servers should be either internal DNS servers or trusted external DNS servers.This name is used to validate the certificate sent by the IKE server.Google accounts must be installed via MDM or by Apple Configurator 2 (if the device is supervised).Managing Apple Devices. enrollment settings on devices with DEP profile.Designates whether the outgoing mail server uses SSL for authentication.Use the UserEntersMissingInfo key if you want to prompt for this information.

Configuration Profile Keys At the top level, a profile property list contains the following keys: Key Type Content.EncryptionType String The possible values are WEP, WPA, WPA2, Any, and None.

When false, automatically rejects untrusted HTTPS certificates without prompting the user.Determines the settings available in the payload for this type of VPN connection.OnDemandRules Array of Dictionaries Determines when and how an on-demand VPN should be used.Also prevents forwarding or replying from a different account than the message was originated from.The rule matching behavior is as follows: Before being matched against a host, all leading and trailing dots are stripped from the domain string.A description of the profile, shown on the Detail screen for the profile.Set to true to use the filterWhiteList and filterBlackList lists.When showing a list of users, set to true to display Other. users.

System Migration Payload The System Migration payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType.BundleID (string): identifies the application Allowed (Boolean): specifies whether or not incoming connections are allowed.An Identity Preference payload contains the following keys: Key Type Value.Before you get started working with configuration profiles, you should create a skeleton profile.This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this documentation should be tested with final operating system software.Apple builds mobile device management capabilities into its devices and offers tools such as Profile Manager and Configurator to give IT even more control.Set to false to not display the personal recovery key to the user after FileVault is enabled.This lets servers send out the same profile to old and new clients.

System Policy Rule Payload The System Policy Rule payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType.DefaultsDomainName String The only allowed value is Removal Password Payload The Removal Password payload is designated by specifying value as the PayloadType value.

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This array must contain all certificates needed to validate the entire chain of trust.Leader: An array of dictionaries that define departments that are shown in the Classroom app.If VPNType is not AlwaysOn, the following key may be defined.Dynamic trust (the certificate dialogue) is disabled if this property is specified, unless TLSAllowTrustExceptions is also specified with the value true.