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In practice, however, these divisions are less clear-cut, and the navy is still largely responsible for law enforcement at sea.In Southeast Asia, a range of multilateral and bilateral agreements and other cooperative efforts to enhance maritime security have been implemented and discussed since 1992.

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In 1997, the expansion and modernisation of the military forces in Southeast Asia slowed due to the Asian financial crisis, particularly in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.For many years Australia has been labeled a hotbed of Internet piracy.

Due to their economic success, particularly since the 1980s, Southeast Asian countries were able to strengthen and modernise their defence forces, including their navies which play an important role in securing national waters.Australia is hoping to stem the tide of pirated content by blocking access to websites with than stellar repute.Australia scraps plans to charge for doctor visits. 9 December.The maritime environment (and with it the human population) would also benefit from measures to combat the continued overexploitation of the oceans and illegal fishing activities.

However, it has to be acknowledged that it is a daunting task to address these issues discussed above.Pirate attacks occur in different parts of Southeast Asia and attacks include simple hit-and-run robberies, in which nothing but a length of rope or a can of paint is stolen, as well as hijackings of merchant or fishing vessels and the abduction of crew.Australia therefore increased its contributions to enhance maritime security in Southeast Asia.

Note, however, that the final quarter of this essay is dedicated to piracy in Australian law.The copyright law of Australia defines the legally enforceable rights of creators of creative and artistic works under Australian law.If I report software piracy to the BSA, will my name be kept confidential.

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Many different actions qualify as piracy, from downloading unauthorized versions.I think Australian citizens need to push for net neutrality and need to petition against these new laws that are about to be introduced.

Status, Issues, and Responses, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2005, pp. 104-6.Consequently, Singapore waters enjoy the reputation of being safe, with very few criminal incidents reported there.Measures to combat piracy by states have mostly focused on military and law enforcement efforts, particularly the introduction of sea and air patrols in the Malacca Straits area.According to research from IP Awareness, piracy rates in Australia have dropped.A Bill that would require piracy sites to be blocked by Australian internet service providers (ISPs) following a Federal Court injunction cleared the Australian House.

After service providers and rights holders were called on by the Australian.

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Regardless of the nature of pirate attacks, piracy in Southeast Asia has become a major concern for ship owners, international organisations, insurance companies and governments.

Pirates are able to operate successfully in Southeast Asia because they exploit security shortcomings in the maritime environment and benefit from political, social, and economic developments which are conducive to the occurrence of such attacks.The international law of piracy, having lain dormant for much of the past century, is in most.Ads on TV - No one wants to sit through ads, which makes viewing online even more of a positive.Furthermore, problems within local militaries and law enforcement agencies have to be addressed, with the eradication of rampant corruption being of crucial importance.Essay: The Challenges of Piracy in Southeast Asia and the Role of Australia.The Australian federal police have said they are not interested in using metadata laws to catch internet pirates.This is not what we want in the future of Australia, we want a more free internet, not more restricted.

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Consequently, equipment procurement plans were delayed, postponed or, in rare cases, entirely suspended.

In fact, it is crucial to address the root causes of such violence, which include poverty, the marginalisation of certain geographic areas or ethnic groups, and government efforts in the form of military violence that exacerbate, rather than solve, existing problems and tensions.

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Indeed, the naval authorities of Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia face more substantial problems.Clearly, by providing sufficient equipment and salaries to personnel of government forces, and by reducing their direct involvement in politics, corruption may cease to be a major concern in countries such as Indonesia.Concerns over national sovereignty, and the question of allowing law enforcement agencies from neighbouring countries access to national waters, has so far prevented closer cooperation in the region.

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Combating piracy can consequently not be achieved only by those states in which pirate attacks actually occur.A looming threat of a breakdown in law and order in PNG or Solomon Islands. states to counter the threat of piracy.

For example, it offers an alternative to current initiatives, such as increased patrolling of waters, which have not been successful.Now I have a VPN (justfreevpn), but it pisses me off as I have to enter the new password everyday.In fact, a lack of funding and equipment is prevalent in all regional countries plagued by piracy.